What to Wear on a Central Florida Airboat Ride

Are you planning to take an airboat ride but aren’t sure what to wear? Beyond water and a fully charged camera, here’s everything you’ll want to bring on the boat.

Plenty of Sunscreen

The breeze on an airboat tour might make it easier to beat the heat, but the sun can still do damage at top speeds. To protect your skin from too much exposure or sunburn, apply sunscreen before you set out. Since you’ll be on the water for roughly an hour or more, bring your lotion on board so you can reapply.

Comfortable Clothes

Clothing isn’t optional on an airboat tour, but the right outfit will change with the seasons. In the summer and spring months, slip into a tank top, shorts, and other lightweight clothes that will help you stay cool. In the fall and winter, bring a light jacket and comfortable pants to keep things covered as the Central Florida chill sets in.

Eye Glasses

Sunlight and high speed can put a strain on your eyes. Many airboat tour guides will recommend that passengers bring a pair of sunglasses to block out the sun and make it easier to spot alligators, birds, and other animals. If you want to have the best view on the boat, wear a pair of binoculars around your neck to quickly swap out with your shades.

Bug Spray

Airboat rides bring passengers close to wild animals—and their natural habitat. Because Florida freshwater is a breeding ground for all sorts of bugs, you should keep some insect repellant on hand. This will help you ward off mosquitos, flies, and other pests that can pop up on your airboat ride. You can spray some on right before you board and keep the bottle by your side to touch up.

Close-Toed Shoes

Surprise rain showers can come up at any time during your airboat tour. Of course, you might catch some light mist as you glide through the ride, but full-on rainfall can put a damper on your drive. To keep your feet dry and safe from blisters, wear close-toed shoes, like sneakers or rain boots.

Airboat Rides in Central Florida

Now that you know what to wear on your ride, you need to know where to book your tour. For an exclusive airboat experience with USCG Captains, reserve your airboat ride with Grape Hammock Fish Camp. As a family-owned and operated Central Florida fish camp, Grape Hammock has decades of experience on the water and a general store to help you stock up before your trip.

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