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Interesting Facts About Largemouth Bass

You can come across lots of largemouth on any given day, but it can take some time to catch your personal best. If you want a better grip on your favorite game, check out these five interesting facts about largemouth bass.

They Eat Their Own  

Because they belong to the black bass species, largemouth bass are technically a part of the sunfish family. However, up to 40% of the largemouth diet is made of other sunfish—mainly bluegill—which means these fish like to feed on their kind. Other fish, insects, and animals that largemouth enjoy feeding on include: 

  • Trout 
  • Panfish 
  • Shad 
  • Mice
  • Worms
  • Mussels 
  • Frogs 

They Invade Certain Areas

If you’ve ever found largemouth bass less of a challenge to catch, it might be because there’s more to go around. In the U.S., you can find largemouth bass in 48 of the 50 states. And in some countries, there are so many largemouth that certain governments consider them to be an invasive species. 

They Have a Big Reputation 

The largemouth is the freshwater state fish of Alabama and Florida, and it’s the official state fish of both Georgia and Mississippi. Beyond having a big regional reputation, largemouth are just plain large. Largemouth bass are the biggest of the black bass species. Living an average of 10 to 16 years, the heaviest recorded one came in at 29.5 inches and 25 pounds. 

They Have a Sixth Sense 

Largemouth bass don’t usually find your bait by looking. In fact, they sense movement in the water by using an extra sensory system. Their mechanosensory lateral line system uses detectors to understand the flow of water. Although you can find this sixth sense in each fish species, scientists believe that cave-dwelling, night hunting, and largemouth fish are some of the only ones that use it as a main hunting tool. 

They Grow Bigger in Florida 

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Florida bass are “genetically different,” which lets them grow far longer and heavier than largemouth in northern states. For anyone hoping to land a largemouth of record-breaking proportions, a fish camp in Florida is the best place to bait. 

If you’re on the lookout for a largemouth bass, take a trip to Grape Hammock Fish Camp, a Central Florida destination for campers, boaters, and casters. Featuring a newly renovated general store filled with ice, bait, and boat gas, Grape Hammock offers open access to some of Florida’s largest fish.  

5 Tips to Make Your Camping Trip Enjoyable

Planning a camping trip can be a little hectic for first-timers. Trying to find activities for the whole family, portable entertainment, and close-to-home comforts can take a bit of brainwork—so we’ve done it for you. Before you start planning your next trip, check out our tips to make it more enjoyable for everyone at your campsite.

Pack Your Board Games

Bring family game night to your campsite with your favorite tabletop games. This is a great way to keep little ones occupied during tent setups or dinner prep time, and your games don’t have to take up a ton of space in your pack. Plenty of popular games now come in smaller sizes or portable packages so you can bring your favorite form of fun wherever you go. Even a simple deck of cards can make a huge difference to your downtime on site.

Bring Some Reading Material

If you want to unplug but still love a good story, take one with you. While you’re camping, you can check a few items off of your to-read list by bringing some new books to burn through in your spare time. This will help you to relax and unwind while taking in some of your favorite entertainment. Whether you’re laying out on shore, taking a break by the fire, or sitting under flashlight in your tent, there are plenty of opportunities to turn some pages.

Eat Comfort and Camping Food

S’mores and hotdogs are a traditional camping treat. If you want to mix things up throughout your trip, try whipping up some more creative camping cuisine. For example, campfire quesadillas are an easy dish that you can personalize for each camper at your site. To get your quesadillas just right, lay a tortilla down inside a foil packet, stuff the center with your favorite meats, veggies, and cheeses, and fold everything up to roast over the fire.

Decorate the Tabletop

If you want to make your campsite feel more like home and more convenient for your family, decorate your campsite table or bench to fit your taste. For example, packing some dishware like your favorite mug can make your time away from home feel much cozier. Likewise, adding a tablecloth over the top of your surface can make a huge difference when you sit down to eat and get ready to clean up.

Stay at a Central Florida Campground

Overall, the best way to make your trip enjoyable is to surround yourself with the friends, family, and fun you love most. If you want to book your trip at a place where everyone can have their fill, stay at a Florida fish camp. At Grape Hammock Fish Camp, a Central Florida campground, we have a range of activities to satisfy any visitor. From going fishing to taking an adventurous airboat tour, there are endless ways to make your trip enjoyable at Grape Hammock.

What to Wear on a Central Florida Airboat Ride

Are you planning to take an airboat ride but aren’t sure what to wear? Beyond water and a fully charged camera, here’s everything you’ll want to bring on the boat.

Plenty of Sunscreen

The breeze on an airboat tour might make it easier to beat the heat, but the sun can still do damage at top speeds. To protect your skin from too much exposure or sunburn, apply sunscreen before you set out. Since you’ll be on the water for roughly an hour or more, bring your lotion on board so you can reapply.

Comfortable Clothes

Clothing isn’t optional on an airboat tour, but the right outfit will change with the seasons. In the summer and spring months, slip into a tank top, shorts, and other lightweight clothes that will help you stay cool. In the fall and winter, bring a light jacket and comfortable pants to keep things covered as the Central Florida chill sets in.

Eye Glasses

Sunlight and high speed can put a strain on your eyes. Many airboat tour guides will recommend that passengers bring a pair of sunglasses to block out the sun and make it easier to spot alligators, birds, and other animals. If you want to have the best view on the boat, wear a pair of binoculars around your neck to quickly swap out with your shades.

Bug Spray

Airboat rides bring passengers close to wild animals—and their natural habitat. Because Florida freshwater is a breeding ground for all sorts of bugs, you should keep some insect repellant on hand. This will help you ward off mosquitos, flies, and other pests that can pop up on your airboat ride. You can spray some on right before you board and keep the bottle by your side to touch up.

Close-Toed Shoes

Surprise rain showers can come up at any time during your airboat tour. Of course, you might catch some light mist as you glide through the ride, but full-on rainfall can put a damper on your drive. To keep your feet dry and safe from blisters, wear close-toed shoes, like sneakers or rain boots.

Airboat Rides in Central Florida

Now that you know what to wear on your ride, you need to know where to book your tour. For an exclusive airboat experience with USCG Captains, reserve your airboat ride with Grape Hammock Fish Camp. As a family-owned and operated Central Florida fish camp, Grape Hammock has decades of experience on the water and a general store to help you stock up before your trip.

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