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Fun Camping Games for Kids

Camping in Central Florida is unlike camping anywhere else. Between the unforgettable scenery, exotic wildlife, and never-ending outdoor opportunities, it can seem impossible to run out of things to do in Orlando during your trip. However, if you have some little ones in your group who aren’t as easy to entertain, it can also seem impossible to pull fun out of thin air.

Whether you need some ideas for planning ahead or on-the-fly activities to start using now, these games will help you turn any kid into a happy camper.

Camping Trip

This classic camping game is perfect to play on-site, but it will also keep your kids entertained on the way to and from your trip. With no materials required, you can easily play it on the road or around the campfire. The main phrase of the game is “I’m going on a camping trip and I’m bringing…” The first player starts the game by finishing the sentence with an object that starts with “a.” On the second player’s turn, they end the same sentence repeating the last player’s item and an item that starts with the next letter in the alphabet, “b.” Players who follow have to repeat the last player’s object and add a new one of their own until there are either no more letters in the alphabet to use or a player can’t remember the listed items.

Camping Charades

While camping in Central Florida, there’s a ton of inspiration to fuel your kids’ imaginations. Turn those daydreams into an active game the whole family can participate in, and round your campers up for a game of charades. Using a camping theme, you and your little ones can write down some ideas, toss them into a bowl, and take turns recreating what you all came up with. If you need some inspiration to toss in the charades hat, add items like “pitching a tent,” “going fishing,” and “roasting marshmallows.”

Balloon Ping Pong

Pick up some ping-pong paddles and a pack of balloons for endless hours of fun while camping in Central Florida. To set your players up for balloon ping-pong, swap out your regular ping-pong ball for a blown-up balloon. Balloons are much easier for smaller kids to keep track of and unpredictable enough to entertain players of all ages. Whether you want to set up a scorekeeping system or just let your little ones let loose with this simple and super fun game, your campers will no doubt have a blast.

Scavenger Hunt

Every camper wants to feel like an explorer. Take your little ones out to venture through the campsite with a camping scavenger hunt. You can place items out beforehand or write down objects you’re sure to find on your travels. Either way, your kids will have a blast checking each item off the list. If a tough-to-track item stumps your kids, you can nudge them in the right direction with a little insight. Some common camping objects worth putting on your list include, “feathers,” “leaves,” and “rocks.” Bonus items can include objects that are certain colors, shapes, or sizes. Depending on their age, feel free to group all of your little campers into one team or encourage them to work independently.

Camping in Central Florida

It’s always safe to have a few games prepared when you take your kids camping in Central Florida. But, if you stay with the right campground, you might not even have to use them. At Grape Hammock Fish Camp, we’re proud to make camping fun for all ages. Take your children on an adventure with one of our airboat tours, teach them some skills while fishing on one of our boat rentals, or encourage them to appreciate nature anywhere else on our site. To book your family-friendly trip, contact us today.

How to Pick the Best Airboat Ride for Your Kids

For moms and dads, the best airboat rides are kid-approved, but fun-friendliness isn’t the only thing that makes one ride better for your children than the competition. General safety, positive word of mouth, and overall uniqueness are the top qualities that can make some tours rise above the rest—and here’s how to tell which of them really is the best.

Safety Standards

There are plenty of “fun” activities that won’t get your parents’ seal of approval, which is why you shouldn’t settle for an airboat tour without doing some safety research. You can usually find out everything you need to know about how safe a tour company is by visiting their website or reading their blog. However, if you aren’t completely sold, give them a call and ask what sort of measures they use for security on board.

Experienced Captains

If you’re searching for a kid-friendly airboat tour, know how to search for kid-friendly airboat captains. A captain known for creating a wild ride might seem like a blast, but they probably aren’t the most age-appropriate guide for your kids. Airboat captains with a lot of local experience, however, can teach everyone on board about nearby wildlife, history, and current events. Likewise, an experienced captain with training and certifications is a trusted leader to put at the helm of your airboat tour, because they can provide a ride that won’t make anyone on deck feel unsafe.

Great Reviews

It’s no secret that the best airboat rides have the best reviews. But if you want to see which of the best is best for your child, dig a little deeper into local feedback and look for reviewees who brought kids along for their trip. This will help you separate airboat tours that are great for adults from airboat tours great for everyone, and it will even give you a look into why families liked specific tours for their kids over others.

Exotic Wildlife

Spotting wild animals on your tour is not only an adventurous and unique experience for your kids but a chance for them to learn while having a ton of fun. That’s why the best airboat rides come with a wildlife guarantee. While it’s common to see alligators on your trip, there’s so much more to explore in wild Florida. So, try and find an airboat tour somewhere central in the state that’s surrounded by various animals.

The Best Airboat Ride in Central Florida Are you still looking for the right ride? Take the whole family to Grape Hammock Fish Camp for a locally run airboat tour. Journey through the south end of Lake Kissimmee, right in the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, and get close to wildlife you can’t find anywhere else. Exploring the area with our USCG captains, your family will feel safe and have fun.

Ways Fishing Helps Relieve Stress

There’s no magic trick to make all your worries disappear, but there’s also no reason to spend a ton of money just to get a little relaxation. You don’t need a luxury-priced facial or bank-breaking massage chair to start feeling good; all you need is a few fishing essentials. If you’re thinking about scheduling your first fishing trip or just need another reason to bring out your rods and reels, check out all the ways that Central Florida fishing can help relieve stress.

Natural Medicine

When you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or overworked, a breath of fresh air can really turn your mood around. Stepping outside for just a few minutes will start to clear your thoughts, and fishing for a few hours is sure work even more wonders. You can’t go fishing without surrounding yourself with nature, which means you’re sure to get a healthy dose of outdoor air big enough to lift your mood and lower your stress levels.

Muscle Therapy

Fishing is mostly a game of waiting, but you’re still going to target some key muscle groups while out on the water. In fact, while waiting for fish to bite, you have to keep a healthy posture and stand for an extended time, engaging your abdominal and leg muscles. And, of course, when casting or reeling, you’re definitely going to get your arms, shoulders, and back involved. Because fishing is a sport that can require you to get pretty active at times, it helps you to better lean into the more relaxing moments of your day.

Technological Detachment

There are plenty of gadgets in the sea made just for fishing, but plenty of fisherman have their most successful and stress-free catches with no screen time at all. Use fishing as an opportunity to completely unplug and center your thoughts on winding down. Silence your notifications, put your inbox on hold, and let your voicemail do all the talking. While you’re out on the water, try some breathing techniques or other natural remedies that can reset your mind and body while releasing physical and mental stress.

Total Control

As a hobby, fishing is what you make it. If you feel better clearing your head without having to entertain others, take a solo trip to the dock. Or, if being with friends or family members is what really relieves tension, bring your loved ones on board with you. Because destressing can look a little different to everyone, you should create a fishing environment that helps you relax the most.

Central Florida Fishing at Grape Hammock

Destressing isn’t easy for everyone, which is why picking up a different hobby or taking your favorite pastime to new places can be the change that makes a much-needed shift in your mind. When you’re ready to make relaxation a priority, head to Grape Hammock, a Central Florida fishing camp. Located on the edges of Lake Kissimmee, centered in the one of the quietest parts of the state, Grape Hammock is a prime spot to cast your worries away.

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