When Is the Best Time of Day to Fish for Bass?

Some days, it can feel like you’re landing every lunker bass around. Other days, it can feel like there’s no bass in the water at all. Because certain trips to the dock turn out completely different from others, you might be wondering if fishing is up to chance — or up to the time of day.

Let’s take a look at how lunker bass behave around the clock to see which hours are best to bait your hook.  

Early in the Morning

Morning time can be prime time for fishing because there’s usually little activity in the water. With fewer boats cruising and kids swimming, lunker bass are more likely to be on the search for food. Furthermore, while the sun is still at a low point, there’s just enough light in the water for bass to have an edge over their prey. That’s because bass have a complex sense of vision that allows them easily spot other fish and measure their distance with just a small amount of sunlight.   

Mid-Day Afternoon

When the sun shines at its highest, both bass and their prey have the clearest view of the day. Therefore, bright afternoons are not the ideal hunting conditions for bass. Because they are less likely to be able to sneak up on or effectively hunt smaller fish, lunker bass aren’t going to be as active in the afternoon. On days with a lot of pre- or post-storm overcast, however, a mid-day fishing trip can be just as effective as an early morning one.

Late in the Evening

Fishing in the evening is great for the same reasons as it is in the morning: there’s less traffic and just enough light for bass to have an advantage over prey fish. While bass are usually active in the evening as the sun starts to set, they become even easier to catch as the day goes on. In fact, fishing at night under a full moon gives bass enough light to hunt while being practically undetectable by prey, which gives them the confidence to jump at just about anything that crosses their path.

Of course, there are countless other things that can affect how many fish are biting during certain hours of the day: the weather, the season, and the body of water.

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