What Is a Lunker Bass?

The term “lunker” is used by anglers to describe an exceptionally large fish for its type. You would hardly write home about a 2 lbs. largemouth bass, but a bluegill of the same size would certainly be worthy of the lunker title.

However, you will most commonly hear fishermen speak of lunker bass, because bass are the most popular freshwater trophy fish in America.

There’s no standard length or weight to qualify a bass as a lunker (though the Bassmaster Lunker Club™ has set the mark at any largemouth over 10 lbs.)—it is more of an informal way to talk about an unusually large or fat bass.

Lunkers in Lake Kissimmee Chain

Florida is home to some of the best bass fishing lakes in the world, and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is never far from the top of the list. The Bassmaster Classic—the Super Bowl of professional bass fishing—has been held in Florida twice since its inception, and both times it came to the Kissimmee Chain.

The two largest lakes in the chain, Lake Toho and Lake Kissimmee, are each renowned for being lunker paradises. It is not unheard of to catch over 30 bass in just one day of fishing on either of these lakes, but the real draw is the number of 10+ lbs. bass you can catch.

Lunker Baits

There are many baits and fishing strategies you can use to catch bass in Florida. And almost any of them can land a lunker in the well.

But, some methods are better than others when you are lunker hunting. In the summertime, the biggest fish tend to stay below the surface and out of the sunlight where the water is cool.

Though topwater fishing is one of the most exciting ways to spend the day, you will want to use a different strategy to target lunkers.

The best bait you can use to catch a trophy fish is a live shiner. Large plastic worms, crankbaits without bills, and swimbaits are all good options as well if you want to use artificial bait, but nothing outperforms trolling hydrilla beds with live shiners.   

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