Tips for an Unforgettable Largemouth Bass Fishing Trip

Some people book Florida fish camp trips to have an unpredictable outdoor adventure, but there are others who plan their trips with one goal in mind. Because, catching a largemouth bass isn’t just something fisherman hope to do; it’s something they’re determined to do. So, if you’re tired of wasting time on sub-par sizes, here are some tips to help you take home a trophy fish in no time.

Know Where to Look

Bass are attracted to areas with a lot of vegetation, which means you’ll have to aim for cover. Your first instinct might be to simply fish deep to find the biggest catch, but largemouth bass always head for hidden spots to hunt for smaller bait. However, if you’re unable to uncover some cover at your fishing spot, check for any fallen structures like trees or bushes, because bass often use them when they can’t find a dense area to wade.

Bring the Must-Have Items

Even if you manage to hook a largemouth bass, you put your catch at risk by casting without the right equipment. Some of the most important pieces of gear to bring on your trip include:

  • Strong lure – Largemouth bass thrive under dense cover. If your lures aren’t strong enough to handle the brush that comes with the cover, your chances of landing a largemouth are significantly smaller.
  • Fish finder – If you want to improve your chances of reeling in a largemouth bass, invest in some tools to help you find them. Fish finders use sound waves to track movements and even estimate the size of fish, which can help you to cast at the right catches.
  • Multiple rods – Like people, fish have their moods. And when they aren’t feeling as energetic, you can still have some successful casts just by changing up your rod and reel. Instead of lugging around your heaviest rod throughout the day, carry a lightweight option that you can easily hang on to while you wait for the waters to wake up.
  • Extra line – Anything can happen on the water, and you don’t want to miss out because of a broken line. Carrying a surplus of strong line will keep you in the casting, reeling, and catching game for the long haul.

Visit the Right Florida Fish Camp

When you’re ready to lock in on a largemouth, book a trip to the Florida fish camp favored by locals and visitors: Grape Hammock. At the Grape Hammock general store, you can pick up just about everything you’ll need for a full day of fishing. And, our experienced staff can point you to all the thriving spots of Lake Kissimmee. For more information, contact us today.

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